First Watch Taps Tech to Increase Frontline Employee Engagement, Communication

multicultural restaurant team

First Watch is leveraging the employee communication platform goHappy to announce new benefits and tools that will help all of its frontline employees better manage stress and improve their overall wellbeing.

"Communication and engagement with our frontline teams is a top initiative for First Watch, and we know that frequent, direct communication with employees drives engagement," said Laura Sorensen, Chief People Officer at First Watch. "We also recently dedicated a tremendous amount of time and resources to secure new, best-in-class benefits for our employees and needed a way to ensure every frontline team member knew about the offerings and how to enroll."

With goHappy's simple, app-free technology, First Watch was able to reach its entire frontline workforce and ensure awareness of its new benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to, access to a 24/7 virtual doctor on-demand service as well as resources that will aid in better sleep, deeper meditation, and relaxation. All of these benefits, and more, are available to all 10,000+First Watch employees.

First Watch's initial launch focuses on the  benefits surrounding stress management and mental health improvement.

To attract workers in today's competitive market, restaurants are adding to their benefits, including but not limited to flexible schedules, daily payouts and mental health services.

According to the National Restaurant Association Business Conditions survey, a majority of both full-service operators (63%) and limited-service operators (61%) say their restaurant does not have enough employees to meet customer demand.

Better Tech, Better Benefits

Implementing the correct technology tools can augment HR’s efforts and provide modern benefits that appeal to employees, writes this Paylocity executive in this HT exclusive. 

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