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FireFly's Phoenix POS Offers Points-Based Loyalty Program; Ohio-Based Pizza Chain Signs On

FireFly Technologies is pleased to announce that the latest release of the Phoenix point of sale software includes an expanded customer loyalty program to help restaurant owners with customer retention in a competitive marketplace.
The new, extensive business rules let restaurant owners customize a loyalty program that fits their needs. The Phoenix loyalty program is fully integrated with the point-of-sale at no extra cost.
"We're integrating a new points program that rewards points for every dollar spent," says Matt Ulrey of Flyer's Pizza, a six-store chain in central Ohio. "If I accumulate 500 points, for example, then I get a $5 coupon. It's a great way to beat out the competition. I don't know of any other food-service place that does the points system."
Features of the Phoenix loyalty program include:
  • Flexible rules determining how points are earned
  • Bonus points available for certain items, certain days or times, the first order, or the first online order
  • Loyalty swipe cards to easily capture purchase history, even for dine-in orders
  • Points management, expiration tracking, and minimum point requirements
  • Support for online orders to earn points
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