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FireBoard Labs Introduces Smart Thermometer

FireBoard Labs, a developer of cloud-connected smart thermometers, launched the FireBoard Spark, a 4-in-1, instant-read probe thermometer and food-tracking hub. The FireBoard Spark combines a folding instant-read thermometer, a leave-in meat probe, an NFC scanner, and a Wi-Fi-connected remote monitor into a single, compact, hand-held device. The Spark offers chefs a fast and accurate tool to take instant temperature readings or remotely monitor and track food temperatures throughout longer cooks via its companion app. 

The FireBoard Spark allows professional and home cooks alike to ensure meats are cooked to safe temperatures, nailing the perfect medium-rare every time. With its Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, the Spark can also catalogue temperature data via the Fireboard companion app. Featuring an onboard probe port, Spark can enable continuous monitoring of foods as they cook in the oven, on the grill, or in the smoker. With temperature data streaming live to the FireBoard app, food readings are accessible anytime and anywhere the chef may roam. The Spark’s onboard rechargeable Li-Ion battery can last up to a full year on a single charge, and eliminates the need for consumers to change batteries.

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The Spark’s IoT capabilities will also foster some advanced features sure to be enjoyed by commercial kitchens and barbecue competition enthusiasts. For existing users of the company’s line of FireBoard connected probe thermometers and barbecue controllers, Spark will feature a new SyncMode enabling it to display probe temperatures from other FireBoard smart thermometers. For commercial food services, an embedded NFC scanner will offer a sanitary, hands-free mechanism to seamlessly monitor numerous food targets by tapping the Spark on an RFID chip before taking a reading.

Features and benefits of the FireBoard Spark include:

  • Speed & Accuracy: Instant-read thermocouple probe delivers fast and accurate temperature readings between -58 to 572˚F (-50 to 300˚C)
  • Monitor Temps from Anywhere: Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) and FireBoard Cloud enabled allowing remote access to temperature data from anywhere via the FireBoard Mobile App or desktop platform
  • Continuous Monitoring: Leave-In probe input enables remote monitoring of long cooking sessions via the FireBoard app
  • Hands-Free Scanning: NFC scanner streamlines labeling of instant readings to be catalogued by the FireBoard app
  • SyncMode: Enables the Spark to serve as a remote monitor for interconnected FireBoard units-
  • Long-Life Rechargeable Battery: USB-C rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides 12+ months of normal use on a single charge
  • Waterproofing: Rated to IP66, the Spark can withstand light rain and routine hand washing

The FireBoard Spark is available for pre-order and will retail for $149.  For more information, visit

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