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FCS Launches New Corporate Website

FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a hospitality solutions and services provider, announced the launch of a fully redesigned corporate website aimed at providing visitors with all the tools needed to learn about the latest offerings in hotel operations technology. The new website features a restructured and streamlined grouping of FCS' comprehensive solutions portfolio that clearly demonstrates how each one functions to maximize efficiency within a specific area of hotel operations. Together, they work to provide total guest satisfaction across a property's range of guest services. Along with updated product information and videos, the website also offers valuable insight on the newest additions to the FCS portfolio: FCS Enterprise Reporting and CosmoPMS. The FCS Enterprise Reporting solution is designed to provide detailed insight into guest behavior, while CosmoPMS serves as a full service, Cloud-based PMS solution for hotels. 
One key change reflected in the new FCS website is that, rather than organizing solutions under FCS Rainbow or e-Solutions, as FCS had previously done, the website now groups all company offerings under the newly formed Hospitality Operations Management, Hospitality Gateway and Voice and Property Management System categories; providing visitors with a firmer grasp of where each product fits into the overall goal of maximizing property efficiency, revenues and guest satisfaction. 
When visiting the FCS Hotel Operations Management Applications category page on the site, for instance, industry professionals can learn how solutions from e-Connect, e-Housekeeping and e-Laundry to e-Recovery, e-Engineering and e-Concierge, work together to ensure that all hotel departments benefit from instant communication, in order to ensure the efficient completion of any task. Serving to complement and enhance the abilities of these backend solutions is FCS m-2Talk, a next generation tool for internal hotel communications that allows staff to seamlessly update each other on tasks via walkie-talkie style conversations on personal smart devices. With its own dedicated page on the new website, m-2Talk also helps to overcome language barriers with its multilingual functionality, a particularly critical advantage in today's diverse hospitality market. 
Ensuring that clients are able to take full advantage of all data accumulated by its solutions, FCS Enterprise Reporting is featured prominently on the new website as a cutting-edge tool that provides hoteliers with a 360-degree view of hotel operations, expenses and revenue-enhancing opportunities. With a webpage that lists key features and provides streamlined access to brochures for additional reading, website visitors can quickly learn how FCS Enterprise Reporting features, such as customized dashboards and reporting, work to provide hoteliers with the exact data needed in order to maximize guest satisfaction and profits. 
To learn more about CosmoPMS, FCS' new Cloud-based platform specifically suited to meet the PMS needs of 3-star or below properties, website visitors can submit a 'register for interest' form. Preliminary details to be provided on the solution will include how CosmoPMS is both user- and mobile-friendly, ensuring that anyone can access and benefit from the solution from any location via any internet-enabled device.
While enjoying a more intuitive design, hospitality professionals are also able to leverage enhanced navigation tools for both web and mobile versions of the website; ensuring quick access to relevant information and newly created videos demonstrating the latest advantages that FCS solutions have to offer.
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