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Extreme Networks Launches Fully-Automated Secure Networking Solution for Campus Environments

IT managers are in need of an easier and faster way to manage the 8.4 billion connected devices expected to overload networks with data this year, according to Gartner. To address the time constraints and resources spent on managing complex networks, Extreme Networks, Inc. announced the launch of Extreme Automated Campus, a cost-effective alternative to outdated traditional networking solutions that delivers plug-and-play simplicity and true business agility. The solution comes within just two months of Extreme closing on its acquisition of Avaya's networking business, and combines Avaya's field-proven Fabric Connect infrastructure, Extreme's industry-leading Extreme Management Center and Extreme's top-ranked support services to eliminate networking complexity, increase security and deliver increased visibility into the network.

Now with over 1,500 unique deployments, spanning every industry, Fabric Connect has been proven to deliver 11x faster time to service, 7x faster mean time to repair and provide a 100% reduction in outages as a result of human error, according to Fabric Connect Customer Experience Research Report. With this announcement, Extreme wired and wireless edge products have been integrated into the Fabric Connect architecture, giving customers greater choice on how they evolve their network edge. Additionally, Avaya's networking portfolio has been integrated into Extreme Management Center, bringing a unique 360-degree view of the network, users, devices and applications for actionable business insights.

Also available are two new fabric enabled hardware platforms for high performance 10/40/100 Gigabits per second aggregation and core networking. The first is the VSP 8600, an innovative small 7RU form factor core chassis with over 21 Tbps of switching capacity. The other is the VSP 8404C, a 2RU modular core form factor with four pluggable slots providing for highly flexible deployment options. Finally, to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, the end-to-end solution is supported by Extreme's top-ranked services and support organization.

Key Facts:

  • A fully-automated end-to-end campus solution: Extreme is introducing a consistent policy-based, fabric-enabled architecture extending from core to wired/ wireless edge - enabling true dynamic services through a suite of zero-touch policy and networking features.
  • Enhanced security through frictionless hyper-segments: Extreme's Automated Campus leverages hyper-segments, which contain breaches and isolate and protect critical applications, information or users, for heightened security. These hyper-segments can be implemented with greater ease and far greater scale than traditional networking technologies. Centralized, intuitive, role-based policies control user and device access to hyper-segments.
  • 360-degree visibility: Extreme's Automated Campus solution is unique in its ability to provide a true 360-degree view of the network (wired and wireless), users, devices and applications, with context and scale, through integrated management, analytics and policy. IT managers can create centralized policies for as many as 200,000 users and devices and gain actionable insights with customizable signature sets for more than 7,000 applications. Additionally, through open APIs, Extreme Management Center integrates with third party solution providers so that customers can orchestrate workflows based on third party alerts, providing a holistic and programmable solution.
  • First-person resolution: Underlying the end-to-end solution is Extreme's top-ranked 100% in-sourced support and services, according to Gartner's Peer Insights, with a first-person resolution rate of over 90 percent.
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