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Expedia Group and Qtech Software Expand Collaboration

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Online Travel Businesses can now leverage OTRAMS GO + Expedia

Expedia Group and Qtech Software, a travel technology software provider, announced an expanded collaboration to deliver access to Expedia Group's travel supply to travel businesses globally, through Qtech's flagship technology platform, OTRAMS GO.

As a result of this collaboration, travel businesses of all sizes now have greater accessibility to premium hotel content and technology via the OTRAMS GO platform, helping generate higher revenue, grow their businesses, and improve efficiency in the travel ecosystem.

"This expansion of our relationship, as well as the combination of OTRAMS GO with our Rapid 3 API, will help bring more companies into the global ecosystem, creating more choice and access to travel for people everywhere," said Alfonso Paredes, senior vice president of Commercial Partnerships at Expedia Group. "Qtech is already a great technology partner to Expedia Group, and we're thrilled to bring our extensive supply to their platform."

Prior to this collaboration, small to mid-sized travel businesses were forced to integrate inventories from wholesalers, making it difficult to provide competitive pricing, maintain margins and provide a range of hotel options to their customers.

Investing in technology that powers online booking experiences is also challenge for many travel providers. Qtech's OTRAMS GO solves that problem, as it operates on a zero upfront cost model and charges a small per transaction fee. The addition of Expedia Group's vast hotel supply means Qtech's customers would be able to provide quality hotel content at a competitive cost to travellers.

"OTRAMS GO revolutionized technology adoption for travel businesses by making it more affordable and accessible," said Paresh Parihar, CEO and managing director, Qtech Software. "Access to Expedia Group's hotel supply will help further improve the profitability and scalability of our customers. We are working towards helping the travel industry bounce back stronger. This is a major step towards the realization of that vision."

OTRAMS GO is an end-to-end travel Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform that combines travel booking systems, supplier integrations, agent management, API redistribution, dynamic packaging and more into an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Head of Product Development for OTRAMS GO Jignesh Modi added, "We are already operating with Expedia Group's Rapid 3 API, gaining access to the company's competitive accommodation rates and availability from a portfolio of more than 700,000 properties with 35 different property types in more than 25,000 destinations worldwide. This integration enables superfast search results and rich content that will enhance the overall booking experience as well."

Rapid 3, which is seamlessly upgraded on an ongoing basis, also gives travel businesses across the globe the ability to customize their travel offering end-to-end, from shopping to booking to payment. With a new evolving schema it is now even easier to offer diverse and competitive features to meet travelers' needs, without the need for an upgrade - so partners can save time and money while being at the forefront of innovation.

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