Evolve Controls Integrates Amazon Alexa Voice-Activated Room Controls

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Evolve Controls Integrates Amazon Alexa Voice-Activated Room Controls


Evolve Controls, a wireless in-room control and management solutions provider, announced the addition of voice controls on Amazon Alexa, in partnership with Volara — the hospitality industry's voice-based engagement software.

The integration of Evolve Controls with Amazon Alexa powered by Volara allows hotel guests to adjust the climate, lighting, drapes and sheers just by speaking in their room, while similarly accessing other services of the hotel through the same voice interface.

The solution will ensure that hotels engaging Evolve Controls will benefit from:

  • A Better Guest Experience. Hotels facing increased competition must upgrade to the high-tech demands of guests today, who expect a personalized experience.
  • Frictionless Engagement: Guests can access room controls without lifting a finger, easily engaging the room controls and hotel services with a single command.
  • Increased Flexibility: Hotels can adjust scenes, such as room requests, personal greetings and phrases, extending their brand to the voice medium.


With the integration of Evolve, Amazon Alexa can control IoT devices in room.