Eureka! Restaurant Group Launches Loyalty Program

The scratch-made burger kitchen announces launch of a new loyalty program, powered by Thanx, and branded app.

Eureka! Restaurant Group's new loyalty program and app enhances the personalized connections with its guests, both in restaurants and in the digital space. 

Eureka! has partnered with Thanx, the loyalty and guest engagement platform, to take the guest engagement to the next level. 

49% of restaurants surveyed say loyalty tools are driving POS purchasing decisions in 2022

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VP of Marketing Alexia Peters shared with HT  the types of data-driven insights E! plans to leverage:

  • Testing the influence of different incentives and reward types on guest behavior, to optimize marketing spend. For example, offering exclusive experiences in lieu of discounts that don't align with Eureka!'s brand values.
  • Leverage the increase in guest purchasing data captured to inform brand initiatives such as menu innovation, new locations, channel growth  
  • Creating the next categories of the loyalty program tiers (Committed & Exclusive), based on current loyalty data on what members actually want, making a personalized engaged experience
  • Measuring the impact marketing efforts like campaigns and personalized messaging have on guest spend and/or frequency
  • Acquire actionable information about what guests specifically love about Eureka!, such as menu items, preferred days and times to dine, events to join, to curate a unique marketing experience specific to those loyalty members
  • Enhancing Eureka!'s exclusive programming through additional experiential benefits, ie: Whiskey Club's early access pass to hardly allocated whiskey bottles and other personalized rewards

Founded in 2009, Eureka! is known for its one-of-a-kind dining experience featuring a locally-sourced and scratch-made menu, creative craft cocktails, and exceptional hospitality

“The goal of our partnership with Thanx is to curate unique guest experiences based on what we know they love about our restaurant and to reward them for their unwavering support. Our brand has always been centered around connection, locally and digitally. As we continue to adapt to ever-increasing digitization, a program like this is essential in understanding our guests at a deeper level. The actionable insights this data provides will in turn allow us endless opportunities to create new discovery moments for our guests,” said Peters.

Loyalty members receive complimentary Truffle Cheese Fries, $10 for every $200 spent, complimentary “Hooked on Chocolate” cake on their birthday, early access to new menu items, and surprise and delight perks throughout the program. "...Now we look forward to continue creating #Eureka!Moments by crafting the Friends with Benefits program around our experiential guests’ desires, not only what we believe they want,” Peters explained.

Eureka! owns and operates 26 restaurants throughout California, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, and Washington.

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