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eRevMax Launches Real-time Integrated Management Dashboard

eRevMax is launching its next generation distribution & analytic solution, LIVE, a responsive web platform that allows hoteliers ubiquitous access to manage their business and make decisions based upon proactive business intelligence at WTM London. The LIVE platform incorporates the RateTiger and Connect product sets, and merges detailed Competitor Intelligence & Business Analytics with XML channel connectivity for real-time rate and inventory updates coordinated with booking delivery to hotel 3rd party systems.
The new LIVE Analytics module provides real-time visibility into group and property level business performance helping hotels measure and improve key metrics including booking production, pace, reputation monitoring and compliance to strategic & tactical business plans. The Channel Manager module allows hotels to quickly manage room rates, availability and restrictions across all connected XML channels in real-time through any connected device. Hotels can also access high quality ready-to-use rate reports available within eRevMax’s Managed Rate Data Feed from the dashboard.
RateTiger and Connect LIVE by eRevMax, powered with sophisticated analytical, distribution and capabilities and interactive reporting dashboard, help hotels make informed decision based on key insights and streamline all aspects of their revenue management for driving better results. Both solutions offer rate comparison, revenue optimization and business performance monitoring capabilities with the following advantages:
Real-time Availability, Rate & Inventory (ARI) updates

2-way XML connectivity with leading OTAs, CRSs, PMSs

Monitor group & property performance on a single dashboard

Production and revenue analytics on key parameters including booking pace, budget and conversion

High quality rate reports for the hotel & its competitor set

Real-time rate and reputation intelligence

Intuitive, simple, robust & scalable cloud based application
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