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Encryption-as-a-Service Offering Strengthens Customer Trust in the Cloud

SafeNet, Inc. has announced ProtectV for Service Providers, an encryption solution that lets service providers deliver enhanced data protection and access control to their customers when storing their data in cloud and virtual environments. With analysts predicting that up to 70 percent of organizations will be using virtualization by the end of 2015, the ability to secure all data that is stored in the cloud is an imperative for both service provider business models and enterprises' adherence to the increasing number of compliance regulations.
ProtectV can be deployed into a customer environment as part of a service provider's Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering, and delivers full encryption of virtual machines and storage volumes that their customers can use to protect their data and segregate it from the provider and other customers. It prevents unauthorized data access by enabling organizations to separate and control their information in multi-tenant environments, including public and hybrid cloud models. ProtectV for Service Providers is available for Amazon Web Services partners and VMware-based cloud platforms.
The SafeNet solution delivers a number of benefits specifically to meet the needs of service providers and enterprises by combining the flexibility of the cloud with the enhanced data security of encryption. Among these is the ability to quickly provision encryption services for customers and then offer the service on a pay-as-you-go basis, thanks to both a flexible billing package and a built-in usage metering API. ProtectV also enables seamless integration with existing service offerings with programmatic API support. For enterprises, the solution allows them to use IaaS offerings with full data lifecycle accountability, audit trails, and detailed compliance reporting. This helps organizations that might otherwise have been discouraged from using cloud services to have full confidence of data control within cloud environments.
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