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Employees Prove Vital to Noodles & Company's Store Expansion Plans

Noodles & Company, a Colorado-based, fast-casual restaurant concept serving noodles, soups, salads and sandwiches from around the world, will implement PeopleMatter HIRE in its 212 company-owned restaurants to help find, hire and onboard employees. Noodles will deploy PeopleMatter's talent management system to automate its talent acquisition process with HIRE's online application form, robust applicant tracking system (ATS) and electronic onboarding that eliminates paperwork in the hiring process.
The need to effectively manage rapid expansion and a multi-state operation led Noodles to choose PeopleMatter's centralized, integrated platform. HIRE will streamline Noodles' hiring and onboarding processes with an online system to help increase efficiency, legal compliance and candidate quality while reducing time-to-hire and turnover.
PeopleMatter's SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)-based technology allows candidates to apply for jobs from any Internet-enabled device, and HIRE's online application is optimized for touch screens and can be translated into multiple languages.
With HIRE, Noodle & Company's managers can instantly search through hundreds of applications, filtering by role, location and availability, finding the best candidates and hiring them first. Electronic onboarding reduces time-to-hire and pre-populates required forms, such as W-4s and i-9s, with information gathered from a candidate's online application. HIRE also creates a secure, electronic document library that admins can access over the Web for greater efficiency and portability. Administrator dashboards provide key hiring metrics and progressive features, such as integration with various social media outlets.  
"PeopleMatter will give our restaurants a powerful, yet simple system to manage time-consuming hiring and onboarding processes," says Ann Dowell, Noodles & Company's vice president of human resources. "It's critical for us to maintain the high caliber of team members we hire in order to provide an exceptional dining experience we're proud of — especially as we continue to grow and enter new neighborhoods across the country. PeopleMatter will help ensure we hire the right people, fast."
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