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Employee Assessment Tool Increases Employee Productivity and Retention

HotSchedules, developers of innovative mobile and web-based employee scheduling, forecasting and paperless hiring solutions, announced today that the company has teamed up with award winning, global talent management leader Corvirtus to deliver powerful new employee assessment tools, which are now integrated with HotSchedules’ online GoHire solution. Two innovative assessment options are now available to help restaurant and hospitality industry clients hire the right people, build productive teams and improve retention.
Available as a basic or advanced service (Silver or Gold), the Corvirtus staff evaluation tool – scientifically developed and validated by highly experienced industrial-organizational psychologists – can give employers valuable insights into prospective employees’ competencies and skills. Restaurant and hospitality industry customers who use GoHire can now quickly and easily administer online assessments to prospective team members during the hiring process.

Results are delivered instantly, providing an objective evaluation that assesses traits like leadership potential, customer focus and cultural fit, allowing hiring managers to bring the best employees on board, and create an achievement-focused and culturally-aligned workforce. The capability to integrate customized assessments with GoHire will also be available for those customers wanting a hiring solution developed specifically to meet their unique needs, allowing customers the added benefit of leveraging the full breadth of Corvirtus’ extensive industry experience.
HotSchedules clients can access employee assessment tools for hourly staff, individual contributors and managers on GoHire. The tools identify the most important characteristics for each role, including the capacity to deliver exceptional customer service and implement brand standards. Each assessment provides an overview of core competencies and a workplace profile that identifies the prospective hire’s potential to successfully fill open positions. Armed with a science-based evaluation, hiring managers are able to make the right hiring decisions and build strong teams.
Fully integrated with HotSchedules’ popular GoHire solution, Corvirtus’ best in class assessment tools can help hiring managers screen out unsuitable candidates and make hiring decisions anchored in their organization’s core values.
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