Elo Expands Android Device Portfolio


Elo introduces enhanced I-Series 4 and Backpack 4 products. This update brings the power and convenience of Android 10, Google Mobile Services (GMS), and a suite of enterprise tools enabling flexibility in device management. The fourth-generation products have twice the performance of the previous generation.

Secure, flexible, and powerful, the fourth-generation platform I-Series and Backpack devices can be configured with a high performance 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor or the 6-core Rockchip processor. 

I-Series 4

One of Elo’s most popular products, the new I-Series all-in-one devices boast a sleek thin design with easier enterprise management capabilities of Android 10, optional Google Mobile Services (GMS) and OEMConfig. The 10-, 15- and 22-inches display sizes are all Elo Edge Connect ready with the ability to mount peripherals on any of the four sides. The new I-Series devices also feature an 8MP camera, faster Wi-Fi, USB-C plus optional power-over-ethernet (POE) providing the possibility of a streamlined single cable install.


Elo Backpack 4

Elo’s Android-powered compute engine, the Elo Backpack 4, enables customers to transform touchscreens of any size and format into an affordable, scalable, single-architecture media platform. Now with VESA mounting compatibility and an even smaller form factor, the Backpack can easily attach to Elo’s broad range of 10- to 65-inch interactive display products, giving customers the flexibility to create virtually any interactive application using a single platform.

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Elo EssentialEdge Simplifies Android for the Enterprise

With Elo EssentialEdge for Android, developers, IT managers and business leaders can leverage a uniform and constantly growing set of tools over a broad set of applications. Everything from managing connected peripherals like scanners and payment devices to security settings and OS is supported from an Enterprise perspective. Among the powerful new features of the platform are Google zero-touch enrollment and OEMConfig capability for easy device configuration and enrollment in conjunction with any mobile device management software. Elo’s Android stack is chock-full of tools enterprises need from peripheral support to custom OS updates and security features. 

The new I-Series and Backpack devices are EloView ready. EloView is a SaaS platform for automated device enrollment, content management, and remote device management. Available in three versions, EloView offers: a free “Core” version for automated deployments and OS updates, “Connect” that enables device provisioning and management with a familiar Android desktop interface and “Control” which provides additional security for customer-facing and unattended devices.

And, with OS 360, Elo offers security updates, the latest Android OS upgrades and device enhancements to help ensure Elo Android-based devices are secure and performing optimally throughout their lifecycle. OS 360 seamlessly integrates with EloView allowing users to pre-schedule updates and manage OS versions across their fleet of devices.

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