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Eat Here Brands Cuts Labor Costs with Machine Learning-based Forecasting


HotSchedules® has announced new machine learning-based forecasting capabilities within Clarifi, the first cloud-based intelligent operating platform for restaurants. This latest innovation leverages advanced algorithms to automatically produce incredibly accurate forecasts, helping restaurateurs make better ordering and staffing decisions as they deal with the complexities of changing consumer demands, legislative mandates and off-premise requirements.

Clarifi’s advanced forecasting engine partners the manager with the machine. The machine offers raw, unemotional number-crunching power while the manager brings the contextual awareness and human intuition that can only be gained on the job.

“HotSchedules’ advanced forecasting capabilities strike a balance between centralized forecast management for above-store leaders with the changing demands of the day that only a store manager can see,” said Abe Ruiz, chief operating officer, Eat Here Brands. “I’ve seen the forecasting and robust scheduling tools shave as much as a half a point or more off of labor costs while optimizing the guest experience to increase revenue opportunities.”

No two restaurants are the same; therefore, the same forecasting model will not work for all. Clarifi uniquely leverages multiple, competing algorithms to ensure the automatic delivery of the most accurate forecast for each store.

Eat Here Brands uses forecasting and scheduling tools from HotSchedules to cut labor costs while optimizing guest experience.
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