Duetto Unveils Innovations in Hotel Forecasting & Budgeting

Duetto, a software as a service provider of revenue strategy solutions, announced a series of new features and innovations for ScoreBoard, its revenue intelligence application.

The New Forecast & Budget Builder in ScoreBoard enables revenue managers, finance, and operations teams to generate forecasts and budgets more quickly and accurately, whether by property, brand, or at a corporate level.

“Revenue managers need to quickly and efficiently create forecasts and budgets and share them with internal teams, third-party applications, and key stakeholders,” said Darren Koch, Chief Product Officer, Duetto. “The New Forecast & Budget Builder was developed to bring efficiency and agility to their workflow. It allows Commercial teams to toggle between high-level  quarterly projections and more granular day-level forecasts to deliver unmatched accuracy.”

The New Forecast & Budget Builder UI reduces complexity in revenue operations while improving data accuracy and data sharing, powered by the following innovations:

Best in Class Analytics - Intelligently detects anomalies and recalibrates projections for all revenue-generating outlets. 

Speed and In-App Agility - Customizable views help users manage their forecasts and budgets in Summary or Segment level views, enabling them to forecast by day.

Intelligent Auto-fills – Revenue teams can now create budgets quicker and more efficiently using auto-fills. Users simply enter a total month value and the system will break it down to sub-segment and day-of-week levels.

Seamless Import and Export - Easily format and export reports either internally or with third-party systems. Exported data will be appropriately split into individual columns to streamline analysis.  

Physical vs Adjusted Occupancy – Forecasting based on physical inventory and net out-of-order rooms to boost accuracy.  

Forecast Business Mix - Drill down to the business mix of forecasted values to better project actuals, including ancillary streams.

These new features have been tested in beta and received well by several Duetto customers. This is what they had to say:

Thanks to forecasting on the segment level we get to a much more accurate ADR forecast. Having a forecasted business mix is nice because I prefer to do forecasts based on the mix and not on the actual numbers.” - Christine Jackson, Manager Demand, Europe, citizenM.

The new functionality allows me to see the business changes right now and to select which order is most important. I use the customizable setup to see the system forecast right in front of my forecast so I can compare it and see where we have differences now.” - Juliane Ziesmer, CRM, NH Hotel Group.

The New Forecast & Budget Builder features in ScoreBoard follow the new rate management upgrades announced recently in GameChanger. Combined, the two complementary software as a service (SaaS) solutions enable revenue and operations teams to deliver a connected commercial strategy built on profit optimization and guest satisfaction.

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