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Drive Shack Partners Adds Advanced Radar-Based Technology to Its Golf Entertainment Venues

Golf entertainment company is using TrackMan’s latest golf offering – TrackMan Range (TM Range) – to drive its gaming experience.
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Golf entertainment company Drive Shack will be using TrackMan’s latest golf offering – TrackMan Range (TM Range) – to drive its gaming experience.

TM Range is a Doppler radar-based system that has multiple radars working together to cover both the entire tee area and range outfield to provide unparalleled precision ball tracking and real-time feedback. Unlike camera-based launch monitors that focus on ball impact and measure a set of launch conditions to predict or estimate where the ball is likely to land, the TM Range radar-based system tracks a shots’ actual trajectory, in real time, measuring the full flight of the ball from launch to landing.

“We want to provide our guests with the best golf and entertainment experience out there. TrackMan Range will help us do this,” said Drive Shack Chief Executive Officer, Ken May. “The radar-based technology they have is the best in the world and it opens up endless possibilities for us. It will allow us to be more innovative with our range games and give us the ability to develop concepts that will truly make us stand apart from other golf entertainment providers.”

With TM Range, Drive Shack will be able to improve the guest experience at its venues, providing more accurate game play as it tracks the ball’s actual path instead of estimating where the ball will go. The precision and real time benefits of the technology will also allow Drive Shack to enhance its gaming experience, designing range games with greater interactive features.

Drive Shack will continue to use its own proprietary games, however it will add several new virtual courses to its offerings, which will be provided by TrackMan. Thanks to TrackMan’s extensive portfolio, Drive Shack will be able to provide guests with an ever-changing selection of celebrated courses to choose from.

Drive Shack plans to roll out the new range technology at its three locations opening this summer in Raleigh, N.C., Richmond, Va., and West Palm Beach, Fla.

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