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DoorDash Reveals All Stars


DoorDash has published an A to Z list of its 100, top-rated, most reliable restaurants, where customers can rest assured that their order will be right and delivered fresh.

The Most Loved All Star list comes in tandem with new in-app features designed to highlight the best of the best in the neighborhood and eliminate decision fatigue. These include Most Liked ItemsWritten Reviews and Top 10 lists, which give consumers new ways to rate, review and discover the best in every neighborhood while reducing endless app scrolling in search of what to eat. 

DoorDash's new written reviews of restaurants help consumers discover new
restaurants and cuisines on the app while equipping merchants with valuable customer feedback. Public written reviews enable customers to explore detailed feedback and recommendations from their community to discover spots locals are loving directly on the DoorDash restaurant page, saving time toggling between multiple apps to research restaurant reviews.

DoorDash says that accessing valuable customer feedback is vital to ensuring customer satisfaction, menu quality, and supporting growth in customer adoption and retention.

With access to restaurant reviews and item-level ratings, merchants can now easily and quickly identify exactly what their customers love to eat at their restaurants, adjust their inventory accordingly, and optimize their staff’s training.

“I’ve gotten important feedback from the reviews and it’s helped me make our process better and coach my staff accordingly,” said Scott Miller, franchise owner of Aloha Poke. “I think reviews are good. If it’s a new customer, it would give them better visibility into what other people are ordering and what the most popular items are on the menu.”

Research shows that consumers are more confident in where and what they eat when they see reviews from their peers. Since rolling out public written reviews for restaurants in November  2021, DoorDash has received more than 7 million public reviews, building upon the trust and confidence that restaurant-goers place in DoorDash’s customer feedback and local favorites.

Top 10 Lists

With millions of feedback, reviews, and orders that occur daily on DoorDash, Top 10 lists leverage DoorDash’s wealth of real-time data from consumer ratings and order volume to showcase the most popular, hottest, and best-rated restaurants to consumers nearby. These lists are dynamic and ever-evolving to further delight and inspire new choices. 

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