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DoorDash Opens Commissary Kitchen


DoorDash is opening a shared commissary kitchen with multiple restaurants under one roof in Redwood City, Calif.

Named DoorDash Kitchens, both local and national restaurants  will offer delivery, pickup, and group order options in the San Francisco Bay area. 

Participating restaurants include Nation's Giant Hamburgers, Rooster & Rice, Humphry Slocombe, and The Halal Guys.

With DoorDash Kitchens, merchants can access new customers in neighboring communities without the same overhead costs involved in opening additional store locations. DoorDash Kitchens provides the infrastructure, maintenance, marketing, and last-mile logistics, offering an end-to-end solution that enables restaurateurs to focus on creating delicious meals.

"Given our founders' Bay Area roots, we are always interested in how technology can change the way food is delivered and shared," said Min Park, Chief Financial Officer of Rooster & Rice. "We were impressed by the overall partnership and scale DoorDash could reach with this concept, and we found the notion of a delivery-only kitchen in Redwood City very appealing as it helps us test out demand in new markets, reaching new customers and areas quickly."

DoorDash works in close partnership with each merchant, co-designing the DoorDash Kitchens' space with the restaurants to customize the environment to their needs. DoorDash hopes to empower a new set of entrepreneurs to thrive on the platform, further enabling customers to access their favorite restaurants and local delicacies at the touch of a button.

DoorDash Kitchens will build its team of up to 50 full or part-time employees in the Redwood City area as well as create flexible work opportunities for Dashers. With multiple restaurants in a shared space, DoorDash will empower these merchants to offer their customers new menu offerings and pairings unique to the DoorDash Kitchens' restaurants.

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