Domino’s Pizza Uses Location Technology Company for Faster, Easier Delivery in Saudi Arabia

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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what3words helps facilitate accurate deliveries in areas where street addresses are often not used.

what3words, the location technology company, has partnered with Domino’s Pizza, for faster and easier deliveries in Saudi Arabia.

Customers to provide their 3-word address in English or Arabic – removing the need for phone calls from lost delivery drivers, and meaning pizzas are delivered hotter, faster and to a precise location. For Domino’s Pizza, delivery experts will no longer have to ask customers for additional directions, thereby optimizing the delivery process, and providing a smoother customer experience.

A common barrier prohibiting seamless deliveries in Saudi Arabia is the challenge of communicating the precise location. Street addresses are often not used and navigating city suburbs via landmarks and shared locations can be a huge challenge for delivery experts.

what3words solves this problem. It has divided the world into 3m x 3m squares and labelled them with three dictionary words - a unique 3 word address. The 3 word address for the entrance to Domino’s store in central Riyadh is ///jolly.genetics.happy, for example. Using the free what3words app anyone can find the 3 word address for the front door of their home, and share and navigate to that location with far more ease and clarity than using any other system.

Customers can now provide their 3-word address to the Domino’s call centre agents. This unique address offers Domino’s Pizza delivery experts an accurate location with no ambiguity.  

With Ibrahem AlSuhaibani, COO at Domino’s Pizza Saudi Arabia adding, ‘The unique and disruptive technology that what3words offers has the potential to have a huge impact on delivery and logistics, globally. At Domino’s, we pride ourselves in always offering our customers the most innovative and exciting delivery experience. We are proud to be early adopters of the service and play a leading role in bringing what3words to Saudi Arabia, which will improve customer satisfaction, alongside enabling faster and more reliable deliveries.’

This announcement adds to a growing number of Saudi companies who have adopted what3words technology, thereby creating an ecosystem of industries such as food delivery, e-commerce and mobility, where consumers can consistently use their 3 word address - and across multiple platforms.  

The free what3words app is available to download for both iOS and Android, and can be used in 26 languages including Arabic.