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Domino's Pizza Emphasizes Tech During Q3 2018 Earnings Call

During Domino's Pizza, Inc.'s third-quarter 2018 earnings conference all on Oct. 16, 2018, Ritch Allison, President, CEO & Director, discussed some of the recent technology innovations of which Domino's is most proud. He mentioned two in particular: the Hotspots program and back-office operational upgrades using both voice and mobile capabilities.

Prominently advertised this year was the Domino's Hotspots program. It allows customers to have a pizza delivered to them at one of 200,000 outdoor locations across the United States.

"Beyond any sales expectations at this early stage, the thing I am most pleased with has been the incredible engagement from this program, with our customers, our franchisees and the media," Allison said. "Hotspots received much attention because it is a program that is completely unique within our industry. I couldn't be more proud of the store level execution of our franchisees and operators around the country as they deliver delicious Domino's Pizza to parks and beaches."

Allison went on to extol the virtues of improving behind the scenes or operational technology.

"Not all technology innovation is television commercial worthy," he noted. "And some that happens behind the scenes is as valuable as anything else. We continue to consider tech when discussing operational efficiencies with our franchisees, seeking to innovate and support their needs wherever possible. From this, we have recently incorporated voice and mobile capabilities into some of our store level activities, including inventory management and other areas. While not a customer facing digital platform which I am still pleased to see us doing plenty of, these launches can also drive value.

"We are constantly striving to create a better experience in our stores, utilizing technology to benefit our franchisees, managers and store team members in ways that improve efficiencies and make their lives easier, is something we will continue to do wherever and whenever possible," Allison concluded.

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