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Domino’s Pilots Cashless Stores in Australia

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In Australia, Domino’s is piloting five locations that do not accept cash in-store or for home delivery. Instead customers pay using electronic payments, gift cards or Paypal.

ABC News is among those reporting the move by the pizza chain.   Benefits will be shorter wait times and shorter lines. 

Officials with the pizza chain claim it will cut lines in stores and reduce delivery wait times.

In the U.S., Philadelphia and New Jersey already have laws in place banning cashless stores, while more cities are looking at such regulations.

Amazon recently changed the format of its Amazon Go store to accept cash payments. 

The Amazon Go location in Manhattan, and 12th overall, was the first to break away from its cashless/cashier-less concept and feature an employee with a mobile device that will accept both cash and coins, reported HT's sister publication, Progressive Grocer.

This shift comes after Amazon SVP Steve Kessel said that the company was looking at “additional payment mechanisms” to cater to shoppers without credit cards or bank accounts, reported Progressive Grocer.

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