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Domino's Achieves $1M in Weekly Sales from iPhone Ordering App

After just three months since its launch, the new Domino's App for iPhone and iPod touch has achieved $1 million in sales over a single week.
The Domino's App also speedily achieved $1 million in total sales - just 28 days after launch. With the app initially available on June 8 and announced to the public one week later, Domino's met both milestones much quicker than it expected.
"The most exciting thing about reaching these accomplishments so quickly is that the Domino's App is still in its infancy," says Russell Weiner, Domino's Pizza chief marketing officer. "This is happening much faster than we expected, and it's a credit to the ordering experience and convenience our app offers."
The app, offering customers the ability to order from almost all of Domino's nearly 5,000 U.S. locations with no login required, is well-received by consumers and fans. The app is currently at a 4-star user rating on the iTunes Store and has remained within the Top-20 ranking in the Free Lifestyle Apps section since its launch.
"With the rapid growth of this fairly recent technology, as well as our focus on continuing to integrate all of the unique and convenient elements of the Domino's ordering experience, it's fair to say that there is much more to come for fans of our app," says Chris McGlothlin, Domino's Pizza chief information officer. "This is only the beginning."
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