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DiscoverLink Brings Hospitality E-Learning to Independent Operators

DiscoverLink, Inc., a provider of e-learning solutions for the hospitality industry, announced the availability of DiscoverLink Learning, a new e-learning solution designed for independent operators and small chains. This new solution enables small restaurant businesses to improve training effectiveness, accelerate learning and reduce employee turnover by using a proven, complete training platform created specifically for restaurants.
DiscoverLink Learning combines a restaurant-optimized learning management system (LMS) with its extensive library of mobile-ready e-courses, an integrated exam and checklist builder, and an inspiring employee recognition solution. Based on the technology of DiscoverLink’s enterprise solution, DiscoverLink Talent, this new cloud-based product provides a self-service platform that operators can set up themselves in just a few minutes.
Throughout its 15-year history, DiscoverLink’s e-learning solutions have helped more than 200 restaurant brands improve their training programs. E-learning programs in restaurants have been shown to:
  • Improve training quality, consistency and effectiveness
  • Accelerate learning and raise staff competency
  • Reduce employee turnover and increase engagement
  • Decrease training costs and eliminate paper-based processes
  • Enhance guest satisfaction by providing consistent brand experiences

Independent restaurants and small chains are now outperforming large restaurant chains in terms of both traffic and revenue growth, according to a report by Pentallect, Inc., a foodservice consulting firm based in Chicago. The firm projects independent operators’ revenue to grow by 4-5% annually through 2020, while chains are forecast to grow by 2-3%. However, independent operators still face recruiting difficulties, which remains a top challenge for the entire restaurant industry, according to the National Restaurant Association.
These market dynamics will put additional pressure on independent operators to invest in development of their employees in order to maximize the opportunity ahead of them. With DiscoverLink Learning, independent operators don’t have to reinvent the wheel –they now have the same training support available to them as larger restaurant chains.
Proven courseware from the DiscoverLink Content Library is available for license in DiscoverLink Learning, including restaurant-specific courses spanning five major categories and 21 competency-based packages:

Employee Compliance
  • HR Compliance
  • Safety Compliance
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Manager Compliance
HR Compliance
  • Menu Compliance
  • Data Compliance
  • Harassment Prevention
  • Employee Development
Skill Development
  • Leadership
  • Train the Trainer
  • Supervisor
  •  ManagerDevelopment
Team Development
  • Human Resources
  • Shift Leadership
  • LeaderDevelopment
HR Leadership
  • Business Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Staff Development
  • Communication
  • Unit Leadership
  • Hospitality
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