Digital Signs Help Guests Navigate Sheraton Overland Park

Sheraton Overland Park recently launched a digital signage system by Four Winds Interactive throughout their property in Overland Park, Kansas. Debuting signage in several locations, the property uses the digital network to communicate meeting and event updates, property wayfinding, local area information and much more.
“Before FWi, we didn’t have any digital signage system in place at the hotel. We relied on printed signs for all meeting and event updates, wayfinding and amenity promotional content. It was a tedious process to constantly update and reprint paper signs for the entire hotel. Now with the FWi system, we can update all of our latest information directly in the system and then push it out property-wide. It’s a vastly superior process and has improved our operations tremendously,” says Justin Miller, director of IT and security at the Sheraton Overland Park.
The forty-six-inch, vertically oriented touch screens feature interactive information like wayfinding, local area details, amenity promotions, and meeting and events schedules. With a large convention center attached to the hotel, custom wayfinding helps alleviate navigational inquiries both throughout the hotel meeting space and the convention center. A dedicated guest room TV channel provides guests with property details conveniently located on the TV in their room. The Sheraton Overland Park also unveiled a fresh template for their signage network which features design elements pulled straight from the property’s dÉcor to tie the signage into the personality of the hotel. 
“We’ve seen a really positive response to the signs from both guests and staff. People are just generally curious about what the signs can do, so they stand there and play with them,” continues Miller. “We’re already discussing ways to expand and are looking forward to the continued evolution of the signage network.”
“The dedication, commitment and team effort from both the Sheraton Overland Park and FWi truly made this installation a success,” says Jennifer Jones, Project Manager, Four Winds Interactive.

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