Digital Signage Brand Pickcel Launches App for Menu Management

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Pickcel, a SaaS brand that specializes in digital signage, has launched a digital menu board app.

Pickcel aims to mitigate the biggest pain point of restaurant owners: manually monitoring their menus. The software offers features like menu scheduling & day-parting that the developers believe will play a massive role in simplifying the restaurant backend processes.

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“Restaurant menus are ever-changing. Today you have this item to offer; tomorrow, it may be something else. Perhaps, you need to run a ‘Happy hour’ or a ‘Haloween Menu’ the day after. Our solution brings down the time of updating a menu right into the minute frame.” said Basudev Saha, co-founder, Pickcel. “Sometimes, it’s not the entire menu that needs to be changed – it can be just a single dish that perhaps you have run out of stock. For that, we have got tags that can be switched on and off on a need-basis. For example, you can tag an item as ‘Sold out‘ when it’s unavailable. These are simple plug-ins, but they make life easier.”

Maintaining their proclivity of adding a little ‘touchless’ touch to their solutions, Pickcel has introduced a QR code feature in their digital menu board application. The QR will allow restaurant-goers to view the menu on their mobile phones. The developers believe that this will help restaurants improve their customer experience, especially since nowadays contactless solutions have turned into a necessity.

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Pickcel believes their USP to be the fact that they bring a holistic solution to the table. Since the company’s domain is digital signage, they can offer a whole spectrum of restaurant solutions and not just digital menu boards.


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