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Digital Marketing Tech + Consumer Data = A Perfect Match to Boost Valentine’s Day Traffic


While it ranks just behind Easter for Top Consumer Spending Events, Valentine’s Day still packs a spending punch and is a critical holiday for the hospitality industry.  Last year, consumers spent on average more than $136 last Valentine’s Day.  With some of the spending goes toward flowers, gifts and candy, much more of it will go toward dinners out, hotel stays and other “experiences.” 

Valentine’s Day might be just around the corner, but hotels and restaurants still have plenty of opportunities to drive more traffic to their locations by taking advantage of today’s latest local marketing technology.  This article from SweetIQ will discuss how hospitality businesses can leverage the right tools to make some quick adjustments now that will boost their local online presence, aggregate valuable customer data and transform that data into actionable insights they can use throughout the year.

Listings and Reviews - The Perfect Couple:

When it comes to planning any holiday campaign, local data is the best partner in crime. This is especially true for Valentine’s Day. Insights generated from local listings and reviews help hospitality businesses strategize at the location level and determine how to target a specific type of consumer and on what platform.  Plus, with 90% of consumers considering online reviews on their path to purchase – especially when considering a restaurant or hotel - reviews provide a treasure trove of data that can be integrated into a multi-faceted marketing strategy. 


Local listing management tools can offer hotels and restaurants one centralized platform for their multi-location businesses. It allows them to get the full view of their listings coverage across the most important directories, and syndicates their location in real-time.  Review management technology monitors and manages online reputation from an aggregate view all the way down to a location by location basis.  It also responds to every review in one single dashboard – providing real-time data on the performance of each location.

Love Your Customers (and their data):

Tracking key touch points along a consumer’s journey is not a simple process. That said, the capabilities of Big Data are closer to reaching a flawless conversion funnel.  Consumer data gathered during the Valentine’s Day will only provide greater actionable insights that hospitality businesses can put to work throughout the year.

By using sophisticated analytics tools, hotel and restaurant marketers have a clearer, more comprehensive view into their consumers’ online behaviors — allowing the detection of patterns, social media activity, frequent Geolocations and more. As a result, highly-targeted, trackable online-to-offline campaigns are be possible and attribution capabilities increase. 

Specifically, directory insights provide critical information about consumer behaviors. By knowing where and how people are searching for your business, combined with valuable information like demographics and clicks-to-action, hospitality businesses can understand their consumers on a deeper level.

Let Snapchat Geofilters Be Your Cupid’s Arrow: 

With 10+ billion daily views and 150+ million daily active Snapchatters, the power of Snapchat for hotels and local restaurants is more evident than ever.  If the goal is to reach a younger demographic this Valentine’s Day, Snapchat is the tools to use, wich 60%+ of U.S. 13-34-year-olds using Snapchat - representing over 80% of their user base in the US alone.

Hospitality businesses can easily launch Snapchat Geofilter Campaigns just in time for Valentine’s Day - giving them access to key digital audiences of ready-to-buy consumers. Building Snapchat Geofilter campaigns also helps hotels and restaurants drive customers to their locations by interacting with the them at the times and places that are most relevant to them.

Using the right tactics, combined with the latest in digital marketing technology, local restaurants, hotels and others in hospitality can maximize their success this Valentine’s Day.  The actionable insights gained from effectively managing local online presence will have lasting benefits throughout the year. 

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