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Digital First Consumers Driving Trend for Borderless Brand Experience

According to new research from Sequence, “Digital First” consumers are driving the expectation for a brand experience that is borderless – one where the lines between digital and physical customer experiences are non-existent. Digital Firsts, largely millennials, have grown up in a world where almost everything is connected via digital means.

Broadly, consumers of all ages are increasingly becoming more technically savvy and have the same expectations for borderless brand experiences. In the survey, 52 percent of millennial consumers said their first impression of a brand comes via digital, and 90 percent of all consumers, regardless of age, expect a seamless omnichannel experience across in-store, online or mobile transactions.

The new survey, “Borderless Brand Experiences and the Rise of the Digital First”, was released today by Sequence. Sequence is a San Francisco-based independent agency that designs and develops connected experiences for the world’s best-known and most innovative brands, including Chipotle Mexican Grill, Chevron, Apple and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Highlighted data from key business segments includes the information that in restaurants 42 percent of consumers are disappointed when the same information isn’t available in a restaurant when they know it’s available online.
Through the survey, Sequence also explored consumers’ perspectives about the role of technology in the customer journey, and how that should be balanced with a personal, human touch. The survey looked at consumer digital and analog preferences in specific areas like retail, casual restaurants, travel, financial services, and media and entertainment.

Key findings in the report include:
  • Two out of three of consumers lose trust in a brand when the physical presence doesn’t align with the digital experience
  • 79 percent of consumers are more loyal to brands that have a great online and offline experience
  • 90 percent of consumers want to be able to ask questions and return a product wherever it’s convenient – regardless of where it was purchased
  • Three out of four consumers say face-to-face communication is still important to them, even if they made an online purchase
For more information on the survey findings of “Borderless Brand Experiences and the Rise of the Digital First” download the full report here.  
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