Digital Diner Launches Solution to Resolve Tablet Turmoil

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Digital Diner Launches Solution to Resolve Tablet Turmoil


Online ordering is showing up at restaurants across the country and for good reason.  People want convenience and restaurants want to increase revenue.  It’s a winning combination. 

This convenience for customers and new revenue stream for restaurants comes at a cost. When using third-party delivery services, the restaurant's headache begins with trying to find the space for the multiple tablets and printers, dealing with multiple reports and not owning the customer data.  Waitbusters Digital Diner has the solution to tablet turmoil by turning all of these third-party delivery services into a one dashboard, one CRM system.

Waitbusters’ new feature enables restaurants to maximize the marketing power and extra revenue derived from third-party delivery platforms without the tablet and printer clutter.  The solution has all orders coming into one interface with one comprehensive sales report.

How does this work?

  • Sign up with as many third-party delivery services as possible to take advantage of their marketing power
  • Partner with Digital Diner to have one interface, one sales report and own your customer data
  • Have third-party orders injected directly into your POS
  • Let Waitbusters build your online ordering menu for you, set up on demand delivery and delivery driver logistics
  • Leverage Waitbusters’ marketing tools to migrate to your own online ordering platform and take back control of your brand and reputation