Denver Restaurant Offers Secure, Pay-at-the-Table Experience

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
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The Fort restaurant in Denver now provides fully encrypted security and pay-at-the-table convenience with TableSafe’s RAIL platform.

The Fort’s dining guest can now securely control the entire payment process including reviewing their bill, splitting the check, applying the tip and processing the payment. The payment is protected by point-to-point encryption (P2PE) that renders all payment information useless to hackers and thieves.  TableSafe’s technology also removes the need for any guest’s payment information to be stored on the restaurant point-of-sale terminal. This combination of features virtually eliminates the risk of credit breach for all transactions processed by the RAIL. 

 “While The Fort is dedicated to preserving and providing a truly Colorado experience, one that is reminiscent of our historic past, we also look to provide our customers with cutting-edge technologies that enhance security and the overall experience,” said Holly Arnold Kinney, The Fort’s proprietress. “TableSafe’s innovative technology puts The Fort at the forefront of securing guest information while seamlessly enhancing our upscale dining experience.”

The RAIL payment device, housed inside a patented leather folio, provides an intuitive interface that allows the guest to complete their payment in an average time of less than 90 seconds. Afterwards, the RAIL allows the guest to provide real-time feedback on their experience, enabling the restaurant to gain valuable insights into their food and service.

TableSafe technology also allows restaurants to increase efficiency throughout the restaurant. On average, restaurants can turn tables eight minutes faster and improve back-of-house operations by saving five minutes in reconciling receipts, eight minutes closing out server shifts and 45 minutes in office labor validating tips.