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Deloitte Acquires LRA Worldwide to Provide Brand and Reputation Management Solution

Deloitte will acquire substantially all of the assets of LRA Worldwide (LRA), a global provider of Customer Experience Measurement services, basically helping multinational companies to measure and improve their customer experience. The organization joins Deloitte Advisory, a risk and financial advisory practice, to provide enhanced brand and reputation risk measurement services, and will operate under the name, LRA by Deloitte.              
“We help our clients create value from risk, and to leverage that risk to power performance within a dynamic global economy,” said Owen Ryan, CEO of Deloitte Advisory. “We’ll continue to make critical innovation investments, like that of LRA, to enhance the value Deloitte delivers to our clients and the global markets and industries they serve.”
“Brand and reputation risk are among the most important risks with which CEOs are grappling. Together with LRA, we can help clients address such challenges with confidence and provide them the tools and insights to protect the unique value of their organizations and promote a consistent brand and customer experience,” said Mike Kearney, Deloitte Advisory partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP, and strategic risk services leader.
Deloitte believes that the ability to understand the marketplace and gather intelligence on important trends is critical so that an organization can anticipate changes and ensure that they are protecting, preserving, and enhancing reputation the right way.
Deloitte Advisory’s strategic risk services approach to brand and reputation management aligns resources and capabilities to help clients activate their brands, deepen brand advocacies and protect their reputations. The addition of LRA’s brand protection and customer experience measurement solutions is thought to further enhance these services through technology-enabled, field-based examinations, consulting services, research and analytics. And now, LRA by Deloitte will continue to expand its reach in hospitality, among other industries.
“LRA helps companies and brands around the world deliver consistent, satisfying customer experiences, enabling clients to establish resilient customer relationships,” said Rob Rush, CEO, LRA Worldwide Inc.   “By joining forces with Deloitte, we are strengthening and expanding our ability to serve the broad needs of our clients more completely.”
In a recent joint study on reputation risk conducted by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited and Forbes Insights, reputation was considered the highest impact risk area to business strategy. It further revealed that reputation is shaped outside the organization and being able to measure and monitor that risk is critical.
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