D.C. Hilton Uses RFID Technology to Manage Linen Inventory

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D.C. Hilton Uses RFID Technology to Manage Linen Inventory


InvoTech Systems Inc. announced the implementation of its Linen System at the recently opened Hilton Washington DC National Mall. InvoTech Systems is a provider of advanced Linen Management, Laundry and Uniform Systems that integrate the latest RFID technology to increase profitability for hotels, resorts, casino operators, sports arenas, convention centers and theme parks. The InvoTech System installed at Hilton Washington DC National Mall manages inventory for approximately 30,000 linens, and the hotel joins InvoTech’s extensive client portfolio of hospitality clients worldwide.

The property will use the InvoTech RFID Linen System to manage their high-quality guestroom linens. The hotel has approximately 30,000 linen items for the 367 well-appointed guestrooms. The hotel will use a RFID Laundry Cart Reading Station with an easy-to-use touch screen monitor that instantly identifies and counts linens in laundry carts. The system functionality allows the property to automatically track linens to and from the laundry. This eliminates the daily task of physically separating the different types of linens and then hand-counting and manually-recording. The hotel uses the Portable Handheld RFID Readers with InvoTech Mobile Software to maintain the linen storerooms at optimum inventory levels.

The system provides 100% reduction in non-theft related losses, cuts labor costs by 50%, and provides control of outside laundry charges. The system eliminates traditional labor-intensive tasks, such as manual sorting, counting and recordkeeping to reduce operational costs. Additionally, the linen system installed at Hilton Washington DC National Mall interfaces with the laundry system at Metro Laundry Service, in the Washington DC area. The system accurately records laundry activity and provides detailed billing reports. All laundry activity is recorded automatically for Hilton Washington DC National Mall to accurately monitor the laundry expenses and washing cycles.

The Hilton Washington DC National Mall benefits from InvoTech's extensive experience implementing their linen system for hotel grand openings. InvoTech ensures that all the linens are accounted for and tracked from day one. InvoTech coordinates for the linens to be delivered with a washable RFID tag already inserted into each piece. InvoTech's onsite installation and training services are provided for the staff so that clients obtain the maximum ongoing cost saving benefits.

“We started managing our linen inventory from day one. Using RFID technology, allows us to automatically track laundry activity, monitor linen aging and efficiently manage linen storerooms. I’m very excited about the capabilities this system delivers and how it helps our overall operations.” said Munish Sarup, Applications Systems Analyst at the Hilton Washington DC National Mall.

InvoTech has over 650 clients worldwide in more than 35 countries.