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Data Reveals QSR Sandwich Brands Need to Improve Service Experience

Empathica Inc. released findings from its 2013 Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Benchmark Study. The study surveyed 10,000 U.S. consumers and found that brands in the QSR sandwich segment are performing well in food taste, preparation and order accuracy. The study also exposed areas where QSR sandwich brands have room to improve, including offering product recommendations and making customers feel valued, revealing that on average just 27 percent of consumers feel valued when visiting QSR sandwich brands.
Brand rankings
The top three brands ranked for overall staff attentiveness and friendliness were also ranked highest for overall customer satisfaction, listed in order: Firehouse Subs, Schlotzsky’s and Panera Bread.
For dine-in service, Firehouse Subs received the highest percentage of customers delighted at 59 percent, followed by Jimmy Johns (54 percent) and Schlotzsky’s (54 percent). Other QSR sandwich brands ranking at 50 percent or above are:
?    Moe’s Southwest Grill (53 percent)
?    Panera Bread (50 percent)
?    McAlister’s Deli (50 percent)
Firehouse Subs also ranked highest for percentage of consumers delighted with the carryout experience at 61 percent. Top scorers also included:
?    Panera Bread (53 percent)
?    Arby’s (51 percent)
?    Subway (49 percent)

Panera’s rankings were the most consistent across delivery channel, week part and day part satisfaction rates.
Consumers are more satisfied with QSR sandwich brands’ speed of service and overall experience than they are with QSR burger brands
The study compared feedback from customers at burger and sandwich restaurants, revealing that on average, consumers are more satisfied with their experience with QSR sandwich brands than they are with QSR burger brands by a margin of 19 percent.
The study also found that:
?    Consumers are 29 percent more satisfied with the speed of sandwich brands, compared to burger brands
?    While only 27 percent of consumers reported feeling valued when visiting QSR sandwich brands (with only 21 percent of consumers at QSR burger brands reporting the same), similarly just 37 percent felt they received value for their money at both QSR sandwich and burger brands
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