DailyPay to Track the Hiring Boom in Key Industries with “Reopen America Index”

As vaccinations increase and businesses reopen nationwide, a number of key industries, including hospitality, restaurant/food services and transportation, among others, are experiencing a boom in hiring to meet the pent-up demands of consumers who have been living under quarantine guidelines for over a year.

DailyPay, the leading on-demand pay provider for Fortune 500 companies, has created the DailyPay “Reopen America Index” to track the latest rehiring trends and employment patterns in these high-profile industries.

“The Reopen America Index” follows DailyPay’s Rehire Index, which helped best-in-class organizations to track which industries had begun rehiring after the “first wave” of the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020.

DailyPay’s new and exclusive index will be updated weekly, and it is supplemented by additional anonymized data focused on how employees are using the pay they access before a company-scheduled payday.

The industries followed are:

  • Hospitality/Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Call Centers
  • Caregivers
  • Cleaning/Facilities
  • Consumer Services
  • Health Care
  • Supermarkets
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