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Custom Landing Pages Increases Upsell and Bookings for Hotel Groups

Business travel and group bookings are forecast to increase 7.2% in 2014, according to Global Business Travel Association. Maestro’s integrated ResWave2 Booking Engine is the key to promoting more online direct group bookings. It enables independent operators to keep pace with growing demand by offering groups fast, easy-to-use, real-time reservations that increases revenue. NORTHWIND provides the Maestro™ Enterprise Property Management hotel software and reservation software solutions for the industry’s leading independent hotel, resorts, and multi-property groups.
Custom group booking landing pages increase guest engagement, conversions
Maestro’s ResWave2 delivers a comprehensive set of real-time, online group reservation and management tools that increase engagement and boost conversions.  ResWave2’s group functionality enables properties to create group landing pages that personalize and simplify group member booking. Guests can reserve rooms faster with no need for a group code on their company’s branded page. Independents capture additional revenue when guests upsell themselves with amenities such as dining and activity options and room upgrades.  ResWave2 is mobile-optimized to reach group members wherever they are in their business day.
Lodging Hospitality Management operates 16 properties and uses Maestro PMS and ResWave2 at its independents – The Cheshire, and Seven Gables Inn. Online group booking with ResWave2’s landing pages provides group members a 1-click process that increases conversion. Lodging Hospitality creates a custom landing page for each group with meeting information, images, logos, and upsell/upgrade options. Analysis shows that landing pages with instant booking ability keeps attendees on our site longer and increases conversions.
MCM Hotels operates 9 properties with a total of 2,500 rooms. Fifty percent of its business is group rooms. MCM uses Maestro’s ResWave2 to handle these reservations online. ResWave2 allows MCM to set up custom personalized landing pages for each event. Group members just click on the link and they can make a standard reservation. They can also upgrade their room and add amenities for fees included in the group contract.  It is fast and convenient because they don’t need to remember a group code.
MCM previously used a third-party group module, but it was cumbersome, error-prone, and expensive.
The most accurate and effective reservation platform for managing groups
Breezy Point Resort has more than 300 rooms with a 40% group segment. Breezy Point uses Maestro ResWave2 for all its corporate, social, and sports groups. It sets up custom landing pages for each organization. ResWave2 enables members to quickly book online with accurate block and availability coordination. Maestro’s ResWave2 integrated booking functionality decrements block and house availability as members pick up rooms in real time.
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