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Custom Business Solutions Launches Reseller Network for NorthStar Order Entry POS system

Custom Business Solutions (CBS), a hospitality technology service provider, announced plans to develop a nationwide reseller network for NorthStar Order entry, the company’s signature cloud-based software point of sale (POS) solution.
Developed for the restaurant industry six years ago, NorthStar Order Entry provides an omni-channel system for guests and servers to more efficiently place orders while managing security, improving speed of service and enhancing the guest experience, all managed from the cloud.
The NorthStar system was first used by STACKED Restaurants, which operates four Southern California locations, and is now employed by numerous companies throughout the restaurant, hospitality and travel industries including cruise ships.
According to the company, a reseller network will accelerate user adoption and help CBS meet the growing demand for the flexible, easy to use POS software.
As a reseller for more than two decades, CBS knows what it takes to deliver value and results in the reseller channel. The company is looking for regional resellers with technical expertise and a track record of positively serving customers in the hospitality industry. These resellers would work directly with regional restaurant brands that would benefit from the easy to install and user-friendly NorthStar system and its data analytics capabilities.
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