Curator Hotel & Resort Collection Selects TipBrightly And TipYo to Provide Mobile Tipping Solutions

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Curator Hotel & Resort Collection (“Curator”) announced preferred partnerships with TipBrightly and TipYo to provide member hotels access to innovative cashless tipping solutions. These new partnerships will bring a host of benefits to Curator members, including allowing staff to receive tips more quickly, providing a fast and cashless tipping option to guests, and increasing employee morale.

“During this time when hotels are working so hard to hire and retain quality staff members, we believe that recognizing and rewarding exceptional service is more important than ever,” said Austin Segal, Curator’s Vice President. “We’re looking forward to partnering with TipBrightly and TipYo to provide our members with a contactless and cashless tipping solution for both guests and staff.”

TipBrightly is an award-winning platform that optimizes existing mobile payments technology to allow guests to scan the unique QR code service staff members provide and send tips fast and seamlessly— during or after their stay. Payments are processed securely via Stripe and deposited into the employee’s bank account the next day following service. Guests can also leave a comment with their tip, increasing employee morale and encouraging positive dialogue between managers and staff. A receipt is instantly generated, making it easier for business travelers to submit tips for reimbursement.

“TipBrightly is very proud to partner with Curator Hotel & Resort Collection to offer a solution that does not view tipping as a transaction, but a cycle of appreciation that we can enable through our technology,” said Elle Rustique, CEO of TipBrightly. “At its core, I believe tipping should be fueled by awareness, appreciation, and recognition for the service being provided. We’re confident that TipBrightly’s cashless tipping experience will help employees feel valued—and everyone, regardless of their job, deserves that experience.”

TipYo is a mobile tipping platform that was created to ensure travelers could continue expressing their gratitude to service staff in today’s cashless economy. TipYo integrates seamlessly with member hotels’ payment systems and offers multiple tip acceptance channels, including web, mobile app, or a hotel app integration. Guests can access these channels by downloading the app, following a link, or scanning a QR code. 100% of the tip goes to the employee and there is never a fee to guests.

“With over 20 years of notable experience in mobile payments, our team created TipYo to meet guest expectations for contactless payments,” said Brian Walsh, Founder of TipYo. “TipYo platform results reflect an average tip of $11, clearly boosting employee take home pay. I am honored that TipYo has been selected as a preferred vendor by Curator Hotel & Resort Collection, and I look forward to working with their incredible collection of independent lifestyle hotels to provide a cashless tipping solution.”

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