Curator Hotel & Resort Collection Partners With Three Leading Telecommunications Providers

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Telecommunications are a critical and necessary part of a hotel’s success, impacting guest experience and engagement, hotel sales efforts, and staff communications. Today, Curator Hotel & Resort Collection (“Curator”) announced agreements with three partners to provide leading telecommunications technology solutions to its member hotels. Curator’s negotiated contracts will provide member hotels with modern, easy, and cost-efficient solutions.

“Quality phone service and telephone technology is essential for effective operations and guest communication, yet many hotels suffer from outdated, unreliable, and expensive solutions,” said Austin Segal, Vice President of Curator. “These three strategic partnerships will allow our independent member hotels to upgrade their systems and ensure they are providing reliable customer and employee communications.”

Hosted & On-Site PBX Solutions

A leader in hotel PBX systems, Phonesuite Direct provides both cloud-hosted and on-premise PBX solutions. Their cloud-hosted Voiceware Platform provides an all-in-one, easy-to-implement phone and SIP solution, which helps ensure hotels can reliably communicate with each other and their guests. Owners and operators can tap Phonesuite Direct for start-to-finish project management, and support, and guests and staff will experience crystal clear calls.

“Phonesuite Direct is proud to have been chosen by Curator as a preferred Hosted PBX provider as well as a preferred On-Premise PBX provider,” said Scott Jamison, President & COO of Phonesuite Direct. “Phonesuite Direct is the only PBX manufacturer that is 100% hospitality-focused. We have been providing hotels with industry-leading communications solutions for the last 28 years, and it is in our DNA. Hotels can choose Hosted or On-Premise and get the same feature set and functionality with no sacrifices. No other PBX provider can deliver this level of flexibility. We’re honored to be chosen to work with this incredible collection of independent hotels.”

SIP Trunking Solutions

Cloud5 provides SIP trunking solutions to transform analog phone systems into digitally connected modern IP solutions. Cloud5’s solution is designed specifically with hoteliers in mind, meaning they’re scalable to properties of any size and accommodate the unique needs of hotel phone systems. Independent hotels that switch from traditional telecom carriers to Cloud5 can expect to reduce monthly costs by up to 60% and are supported by 24/7 network management support. Cloud5’s solutions work with existing PBX systems, so hotels won’t need to overhaul their current systems.

“Cloud5 is honored to be selected as a trusted partner to Curator Hotel & Resort Collection,” said Beth Milano, Vice President of Sales for Cloud5. “We’ve spent almost 20 years delivering scalable and flexible SIP solutions designed to meet the demands of each hotel’s distinct telecommunications infrastructure. We look forward to helping Curator member hotels deliver the unique and exceptional experiences they are known for, with zero compromises.”

On-Site PBX Solutions

With 30 years of telecom experience, Devera Technologies will provide and support their Innacloud PBX Solution to Curator’s member hotels. Innacloud’s iACT PBX is simple, easy to install and compatible with modern and legacy telephone connections and peripherals, making it a one-stop-shop for member hotels’ phone system needs.

“Devera is thrilled to be partnering with Curator Hotel & Resort Collection to provide easy and reliable voice solutions for independent hotels across the country,” said Karen Tuck, Vice President of Operations for Devera Technologies. “Curator members will benefit from preferred pricing for hardware and installation, making the iACT PBX system even more cost-effective.”

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