​​​​​​​Cruise Lines Receive Help Preventing, Detecting and Containing the Novel Coronavirus Aboard Cruise Lines


OZ, a global innovation and disruptive digital technologies consulting company announces Salus, a new mobile solution that will help cruise lines and state and local Florida health authorities tackle novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Each day, over 50,000 guests and crew descend to South Florida from all over the US and the new Salus solution will help prevent guests and crew suspected of having COVID-19 from boarding ships, help detect guests and crew that may have come down with COVID-19 while onboard the ship, and then help facilitate and track containment of these guests and crew, along with cataloguing onboard testing and treatment.

As cruise lines implement digital technology such as infrared cameras, thermometers and smart watches to detect COVID-19 symptoms in guests and crews, Salus collects and integrates this data with the ship’s passenger manifest system (PMS), IoT sensors, ship containment facilities, and diagnostics, all via a mobile crew application. This provides a full picture of guest and crew health throughout the cruise journey. If symptoms of COVID-19 are detected onboard via digital thermometers readings and infrared cameras, Salus will analyze prior person interactions, co-ordinate patient quarantine, treatment and testing, and capture patient hour-by-hour containment, diagnostic and treatment details. The Salus app will then provide full patient case details to the South Florida local health authorities of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties when docking back at port. Salus also helps prevent anyone suspected of being ill from boarding the ship in the first place, through integration with digital thermometers and infrared cameras that analyze guest and crew temperatures and stop anyone boarding with a body temperature above 100.4 o F Those cases are then immediately transmitted to the local health authority so people showing symptoms are quickly contained and receive treatment.

Ric Cavieres, President of OZ, comments, “OZ already develops multiple cruise line mobile applications, that integrate guest, crew and ship data and IoT devices, for several South Florida-based cruise line clients. This gives us a deep understanding of the cruise line processes, guests, employees, and platforms.” Cavieres adds, “OZ also has vast experience working with the state and local South Florida health authorities, which means we understand their protocols, processes and platforms. This combined experience means that we are ideally positioned to work with both the cruise lines and local health authority to help combat the effects of the coronavirus on the Florida travel industry. Additionally, our proximity to the ports allows us to quickly mobilize Salus.”

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