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CrowdRiff Debuts Travel Stories in Partnership with Destination British Columbia


Visual marketing platform for travel and tourism brands CrowdRiff, announces Travel Stories, a connected story experience for travelers. Travel Stories – which provides a mobile-first, visually immersive experience for travelers to plan their trips – officially launches in collaboration with Destination BC, British Columbia’s provincial tourism organization.

Now live on, Travel Stories enable Destination BC to automatically publish stories created by partners within its all-new BC Story Network in alignment with its Content Commonwealth strategy – a shared approach to content marketing, built on common tools, processes, and expertise. Through Travel Stories, Destination BC is creating a seamless narrative for travelers that makes it easy for them to research and more effectively plan their trips to BC, Canada’s western-most province. Participants in the BC Story Network include 29 regional and community destinations within BC, such as Kootenay Rockies Tourism, Tourism Kamloops, Tourism Whistler, Tourism Golden, and Destination Campbell River, as well as associations like British Columbia Golf and corridors like Scenic 7.

“The BC Story Network is the first of its kind in Canada, and a great example of how strong partnerships are driving innovation in BC’s tourism industry,” says Marsha Walden, CEO of Destination BC. “Consumer behaviour is shifting rapidly, and this innovative partnership with CrowdRiff has given Destination BC and our partners across the province the ability to inspire potential visitors through a format that’s seeing exponential growth, globally.”

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Stories are one of the fastest-growing formats in the history of digital marketing. Since the inception of this highly visual and easily digestible format, the growth has been staggering. Snapchat, where the Stories format originated, has more than 200 million daily active users; and there are an estimated 500 million daily active users that consume or create Stories on each of these platforms: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp – with more users trying out the feature every day. 

Travel Stories is powered by CrowdRiff, and enables Destination BC and its tourism industry partners to capitalize on the explosive growth of the Stories format, as well as significantly expand their ability to scale and share content across the destination in various:

  • Travel Stories are contextual and offer much more data to provide travelers with the depth of information needed in researching a destination;
  • With its omni-channel approach, the same Travel Stories can be created once and shared everywhere, from a destination’s website to Google Search, Facebook, and Instagram to exponentially increase the reach of the rich content being shared;
  • Travel Stories are connected across the travel ecosystem, eliminating the need for brands to manually connect with partners to source local stories. This networked experience enables a traveler interested in a particular destination to view stories from different partners and easily connect with them if so desired – without having to actively seek out each one individually.
  • The content shared through Travel Stories is evergreen.

The new stories format being used by Destination BC also addresses a notable challenge faced by destination marketers. While traditional marketing begins with awareness, followed by consideration, and then purchase; in the travel industry, consumers are constantly moving up and down the funnel before making a decision. Travel Stories ensures that content meets the needs of the traveler at every stage, with more in-depth information or the ability to book travel experiences just one swipe or click away. This mobile-first, visually immersive format of storytelling is expected to change how travel marketers share their content online.

Since the Travel Stories pilot launched this summer, participants in the BC Story Network across the province have created over 800 stories, resulting in over 1.4 million impressions and 145,000 story views.

Travel Stories, powered by CrowdRiff, is being unveiled today at CrowdRiff’s inaugural conference, SEE2019, taking place in Toronto. An acronym for Seek, Explore, Experience – the SEE2019 conference has brought together travel and tourism marketers for two days of keynote talks, hands-on training, networking, and adventure.

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