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With Corporate PCI Compliance in Check, Dairy Queen Targets Franchisees

American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ) is simplifying the compliance process for its franchisees with a new customized package from SecureConnect. In addition, franchisees will be able to take advantage of SecureConnect’s $100,000 breach protection program. SecureConnect is an endorsed and preferred vendor of PCI compliance products and services to ADQ.
“The combination of fully customized packages and their $100,000 breach protection program make SecureConnect a very attractive option for our system” says Chris Schwanz, national accounts program manager with ADQ. “SecureConnect delivers outstanding value, real security and a high level of compliance in an affordable and easy to implement package. This is why the SecureConnect suite is a critical component of our franchisee PCI compliance program.”
As a trusted partner, SecureConnect has served the Dairy Queen brand and its franchise community since 2008. “After implementing SecureConnect over two years ago in all of our corporate owned locations, we have enjoyed the benefits of a single solution vendor and encourage franchisees to take advantage of this long-standing relationship” says Monica Roczniak, director of technical services at ADQ.
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