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Contemporary Finnish Hotels Opt for Contemporary Network Solution

Touted as one of the most stylish hotel openings of 2015, the Arctic Light Hotel is the first contemporary, boutique hotel to “light up” Finnish Lapland-Rovaniemi, under the ownership of Mikael GrÖhn. City Hotel, also situated near the Arctic Circle in the center of Finland's most northern city of Rovaniemi, and also owned by GrÖhn, has earned its reputation as a chic four-star hotel. While both properties (together totaling 150 rooms) aim to convey the ultimate in modern, contemporary style, their entertainment and network solutions did not previously live up to their appearance or to the expectations of their connection-seeking guests.
Initially, the plan was for each hotel to have standalone TV solutions installed. But customer feedback and an evaluation by Quadriga Worldwide Ltd. amped that up, ultimately leading to a total WiFi solution.
Peace of Mind
“We are excited to have Quadriga’s WiFi solution provide our guests with a seamless and easy access to the internet throughout the properties,” said GrÖhn. “The benefit of having a single supplier is peace of mind for the hotel and lets us focus on our guests.” The hotel is also benefitting from a cost effective system that is expected to increase its return on investment thanks to stronger reviews.
Quadriga determined that QConnect, a flexible internet solution that can be configured to each hotel’s specific requirements, would be the best option for both hotels, providing a complete WiFi solution that offers guests of both hotels the same user experience. Specifically, the Ruckus R500 access points with 80211ac support provide a futureproof hardware solution, while also offering monitoring and maintenance synergy.
Guest Experience
As well as receiving a seamless and fast internet connection, guests at the unique, synergized hotels now have an easy-to-use experience with multiple payment options.
At City Hotel, seamless roaming is available in all areas of the hotel. At Arctic Light Hotel, Samsung Smart TVs are installed in every room, offering access to local information and a variety of content and online apps all from the bed. Free WiFi is offered via a tiered bandwidth and guests are alerted to the improved network right upon entering the hotel, thanks to a 110” video wall in the lounge area.
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