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Cold Stone Operator Sings Praises of Panasonic POS Workstation

For more than 10 years, Cold Stone Creamery store owners/operators have relied on Panasonic Point-of-Sale (POS) systems to help manage their business. From the JS-5500 workstations to the JS-7900 terminal with its touch-screen capability, POS systems from Panasonic System Networks Company of North America have provided powerful tools for meeting the challenges of successfully managing a Quick Service Restaurant. The Panasonic Lite-ray POS workstation, now being installed in all Cold Stone Creamery locations, continues the tradition by delivering reliable performance, operational continuity and cost savings.

"Each new generation of Panasonic POS systems has offered a stronger and more efficient product, and the Lite-ray is no exception," says Sheila Brown-Norris, owner of two Cold Stone Creamery stores in Arizona. "In fact, the Lite-ray is much more advanced than we could have ever dreamed, and it makes everyone's job easier. Both the crew and I love it."

Key features
Based on the design of the Panasonic Stingray workstation, Lite-ray is purpose-built with a fan-less design featuring fewer moving parts. Its Intel Atom Processor is power-optimized to deliver robust performance. Lite-ray is ENERGY STAR qualified, recognizing its energy efficient capabilities to help protect the environment. In addition, Lite-ray supports ComputracePlus software functionality, which enables management to add another layer of security and operational efficiency to their business procedures by performing such tasks as tracking POS workstations, investigating asset loss and maintaining current POS workstation asset inventory.

"From a management perspective, the Lite-ray's design and feature-set deliver the kind of functionality usually only found in higher-priced systems," says Brown-Norris. "For example, the customer-facing 15 inch LCD display has increased our speed of service because we don't have to repeat the entire transaction back to the customer since they can see what we are ringing up. On our busy weekend nights, we really see the difference in time saved. What's more, we can use that customer-facing LED display to help sell menu items like our cookies and cupcakes. It's a huge hit with the customers and especially those who have no idea we sell those products. It's really an attention-getting display, and the customers are always commenting on it."

"When we made the switch to Lite-ray, I was able to complete the training in half the time because everything on the workstation is so easy to figure out," she continues. "And now that the workstations are up and running, there are fewer mistakes because Lite-ray is so straightforward for the crew to use."

Lite-ray's open architecture, which supports Microsoft Windows including both standard and embedded platforms along with Linux, has also allowed Brown-Norris to take advantage of newer and more comprehensive POS management software that can be custom tailored to her needs. She says, "Detailed information is critical and helps me efficiently manage the two stores. We use Focus software, and reports are e-mailed to me each morning."

Of the many optional features available for the Lite-ray POS workstation, Brown-Norris selected the magnetic card reader (credit card swipe) and the 15" rear LCD display, both of which have helped to boost sales.

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