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Cloud-Based POS Rolls out Smartphone App and Mobile Ordering

Brink Software, cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) and restaurant management software solution, has announced smart phone capability for iPhone and Android which allows restaurant guests to: place their order, process payments, manage their loyalty account, and redeem rewards via any web-enabled smart phone. Unlike other legacy hospitality software; Brink’s mobile ordering is a fully integrated feature of the Brink POS product and is not a “bolt on” addition, with inherent integration difficulty.
Orders placed using the mobile ordering app go through the same process as orders through the desktop online ordering module. Submitted orders are automatically sent to the kitchen at the appropriate time without any action required by the restaurant staff. The app can be customized to match the branding of any restaurant and the use of QR codes allows restaurants to offer in-store mobile ordering, reducing both wait times and labor cost.
Online ordering via mobile also allows for tight integration with online loyalty programs. Brink's system allows restaurants to track customer's order history and award points or items to loyal diners while they place their order. Through pre-set account numbers, or the guest’s email address, restaurants can track, manage and analyze their clients’ behavior and as such provide truly targeted incentives, customer service and reasons for rapid return. Customers can simply order off the menu and request a pick up time using the system, via a smart phone and their food is fired in the kitchen at the appropriate time to accommodate their schedule.
Features of Brink Mobile Capability Include:
Credit Card Processing - Support for all major credit card processors and PCI validated, transaction times that are ultra-fast.
QR Code Scanning - QR codes are used as an entry point into the mobile ordering app, letting the system know the guest is in the restaurant and their precise location.
Loyalty Integration - A single guest account is used online and in-store for order tracking, stored payment cards, and loyalty awards and redemptions.
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