Cloud-Based Platform Gathers BOH Data

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Cloud-Based Platform Gathers BOH Data


SousZen is a fully integrated platform that digitizes every aspect of food prep to help restaurant operators ensure quality, reduce costs and make informed business decisions.

This a digital platform informs decision making across the entire operation by connecting food preparation, inventory management and trends to create actionable insight. Kitchen data collected from the Back of House (BOH) is gathered and used for forecasting.  

SousZen is led by  technologist and restaurateur Stephen King, and advised by chef Mark Miller. 

Strategic innovation partner, Xinova designed the SousZen venture. Innit was tapped as ideal partners for its culinary know-how combined with their smart oven hardware and connected platform technology. 

As more connected appliances and cookware enter commercial kitchens, SousZen is positioned to serve as the control layer that automates kitchen management. The SousZen SaaS network grants subscribing operators, customers and other chefs access to recipes and reports generated from network data, which includes demographic, psychographic and purchasing profiles. These reports also pinpoint seasonal preferences and emerging trends, giving retailers more tools to plan the growth and development of their menus and businesses. The SousZen system facilitates easier paths to business growth by reducing startup costs and staff needs, while mitigating food safety and quality risks and improving the odds of successfully introducing locally targeted menus.