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Climate Controlled Digital Presale Board Promotes Popular Combos at 60 Minnesota Wendy's

Wendy's FourCrown, a Minnesota-based Wendy's franchisee of 60 stores, has installed a climate controlled WAND 46 inch digital outdoor presale board in the drive thru of its Chanhassen Wendy's location. This is the latest addition to Wendy's FourCrown's lineup of WANDisplay Digital Menu and POP boards in sites across Minnesota. The heated and cooled enclosure has already proven itself through Minnesota's harsh winter, the heat of summer, and direct sunlight. 
Like other WANDisplay solutions, centrally managed content is pushed down to either the entire network or to specific displays. Programming day-parts and related content with the WAND Enterprise Management tool allows rapid changes to content, timing, and configurations.

The digital presale board combines animation and shows the customer some of the most popular combo options available for their breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack, including dessert in real-time high definition video.
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