Clarion Pointe Statesville Keeps Pace With Latest Trends in Personalized Guestroom Entertainment

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
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 Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has announced the successful adoption of its BeyondTV GuestCast content streaming platform by Clarion Pointe Statesville hotel in North Carolina. A recently remodeled property operating under the Choice Hotels brand, Clarion Pointe Statesville with BeyondTV GuestCast can now significantly provide its guests with the personalized, safe and hassle-free in-room entertainment experience that many have come to expect from today’s hotels.

Following its largescale renovation as a newly acquired Choice Hotels property, Clarion Pointe Statesville recognized that modernizing its guestroom entertainment services would also play a crucial factor in operating a successful business able to attract guests. With HIS listed as an approved provider by Choice Hotels, property management knew that it could rely on the proven expertise of a reputable company in order to address guest demands for instant and seamless access to their own content on guestroom televisions. With BeyondTV GuestCast now installed in each of the hotel’s rooms, guests staying at Clarion Pointe Statesville can look forward to a simplified device-pairing process with just the scanning of a QR code. Once paired, each guest can then effortlessly cast virtually any streamed content of choice onto guestroom televisions, from Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ to YouTube, Spotify, ESPN and much more.

“As with consumer homes, cable and satellite television has increasingly become viewed as outdated by today’s travelers and partnerships with leading solution providers such as Hotel Internet Services are essential to maintaining a reputation as a modern and adaptive hotel business,” said Jigar Majmundar, General Manager at Clarion Pointe Statesville. “Not only are we extremely pleased by what was a swift and painless installation, but the service design quality of BeyondTV GuestCast speaks for itself in that we have only received positive guest feedback and not one request for troubleshooting assistance. From our perspective, BeyondTV GuestCast is ideally suited to the needs of hotel environments as it always ensures an intuitive experience for new users and provides them with the confidence of knowing that their privacy and data is always safe.”

In addition to maximizing guest satisfaction and trust, BeyondTV GuestCast also now comes equipped with an all-new analytics dashboard offering hoteliers valuable insight into guest usage and Wi-Fi connectivity strength. By leveraging the dashboard’s real-time statistics, hoteliers can instantly determine the success of their guestroom entertainment strategy with metrics that include the number of registered users, how many casting sessions are currently active as well as the total number of hours that guests have spent casting each month. The dashboard additionally features intuitive visual graphs ensuring the effortless digesting of information and further provides hoteliers with a summary of the top apps that their property’s guests seek to cast.

By also providing a continuous evaluation of Wi-Fi signal strength based on the location of each BeyondTV GuestCast device, the dashboard even offers hoteliers the unique advantage of being able to identify any onsite areas experiencing issues such as weak signals and dropped connections. This innovative feature not only ensures that guests continue to experience a seamless content casting experience, but also provides hoteliers with the ability to maintain a fast and reliable Wi-Fi service that lives up to increasing guest expectations.

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