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Claim Jumper Implements Nationwide Table Management Solution

Claim Jumper Restaurants are set to implement QSR Automations' table management applications across all locations nationwide. Claim Jumper will rely on QSR's ConnectSmart Hospitality Automation Solution, including ConnectSmart Hostess for seating and wait list management, ConnectSmart WebAhead to enable guests to enter the wait list via the internet, ConnectSmart Reservations, and ConnectSmart WebReserve for online reservations.

Currently operating forty-five locations and with wait times that commonly run between thirty to ninety minutes, Claim Jumper is adding QSR's fully integrated and feature rich solution to enhance guest and team member satisfaction. Claim Jumper plans to have all locations installed with ConnectSmart Hostess and ConnectSmart Reservations by the end of the year, and is in the process of adding the online applications.

"We are seeing so many benefits from using QSR's ConnectSmart solution to help us care for all of our guests - whether the guest walks in to the restaurant, calls ahead for that night or a future date, or even automatically puts themselves on the wait list or in our reservations book via the Internet," says Ted Stathakis, vice president of technology for Claim Jumper. "For starters, we are providing much more accurate wait times - and the system does all of the work, so we can count on even entry level team members at the hostess stand, which is crucial as we grow. Also, we use a highly intuitive graphical display of the entire dining room that shows us the status of each table, with timers, as well as statuses for our guests that are waiting to be seated."

ConnectSmart Reservations eliminates overbooking while capturing guest data and ensuring that more reservations can be processed more accurately with less training and less personnel. By adding ConnectSmart WebAhead and ConnectSmart WebReserve, guests can choose how they wish to contact the restaurant, and at their convenience. With the fully integrated ConnectSmart table management solution, Claim Jumper gains complete control when servicing all guests.

With a powerful graphical interface that is optimized for the touch screen user, QSR's customizable ConnectSmart Hostess ensures front-of-house and management team members know the real-time status of every table and party with a glance, while making it easy to navigate the system and find key information. The floor view and the wait list update as every action occurs, displaying intuitive color coding and status icons for such events as table seated and check received. In addition to displaying countdown timers, ConnectSmart Hostess provides user-definable alerts, such as open table and food-not-ordered notifications. Automated table selections take into account server rotation and guest preferences to seat guests efficiently while reducing errors, freeing up staff time, and maximizing table and seat utilization.

The ConnectSmart table management applications also capture key guest data, making information about guests - such as preferences and past visits - available in the restaurant for more personalized service. With both ConnectSmart Hostess and ConnectSmart Reservations in use, more data can be captured and used during and after the guest's visit. In addition to real-time reports designed for restaurant managers, such as Large Party and Daily Snapshot reports, the solution also provides for historical reporting.
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