Church's Chicken Rebrands in Canada

Church's Texas Chicken is the rebrand for the Canadian market. Church's Texas Chicken is projected to open nearly 30 locations throughout Canada in 2021,

Church's Chicken is unveiling a new name and image to its Canada audience, Church's Texas Chicken.


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Despite the undeniable affect the global pandemic had on the foodservice industry last year, Church's Texas Chicken is projected to open nearly 30 locations throughout Canada in 2021, and based on existing commitments, a 100 locations in Canada over just the next three years.

"Growth is always challenging, as it's meant to be," said Cinthia Nehring-Salm, International Marketing Director for Church's Texas Chicken. "Last year was a particularly tough year for the world, and it's no surprise that the food service industry was hit especially hard as well. I think I speak for all 23 of our franchise owners here in Canada when I say we're thankful to be part of a legendary brand that stands the test of time. We could all use a breath of fresh air, so the re-launch of Church's Texas Chicken  and the new, contemporary look couldn't have come to market at a better time."

Guests will find that elements of the new Church's Texas Chicken include a highly visible black-and-gold Texas Lonestar logo, rustic wood panel murals depicting Texas heritage and character, bright star-shaped accent lighting, wood-top tables, digital ordering panels, a variety of seating styles, and integrated entertainment.

"This wide-scale reimaging celebrates the brand's Texas heritage along with its reputation for spicy flavor, uncompromising quality, and authentic hospitality," said Russ Sumrall, VP of International Development & Franchisee Profitability. "We've added new dimension to the Church's Texas Chicken through the design of our restaurants. This new design and our great products fulfill the promise that only at Church's Texas Chicken we bring the flavorful legendary taste of Texas to the world."

Canada currently holds two restaurant locations in Edmonton, Alberta; 19 in Ontario and 16 locations in British Columbia.