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Choco's New Feature Targets Food Waste

Choco introduced a new platform update enabling Multi-Location Management. This new feature allows multi-unit operators of restaurants to easily oversee ordering across multiple locations and teams. As restaurants belonging to multiple unit chains, franchises or groups comprise 40% of Choco’s user base, this platform update will contribute to a significant reduction in food waste.

Choco's new multi-location functionality improves the experience for executive chefs and managers of larger teams. They are now able to access a clean list of suppliers for each location, seeing what needs to be ordered and what’s coming in. This also simplifies collaboration by showing which team members are involved in ordering from each supplier by location. Each user only sees the suppliers they need to, with easy permissions management controls.

With this new feature, Choco users reduce order errors and order redundancy as management can compare order frequency and volume across multiple locations. Choco installs and maintains its app for restaurants and suppliers completely for free, with the aim of reducing the high level of food waste that arises from mistakes and inefficiencies in the order process.  Going forward, Choco will continue to invest in increased functionality for the multi-unit segment as more restaurants streamline their group purchasing.


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