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Chili's Franchisee Speeds Table Turns with Ziosk Touchscreen

ERJ Dining, LLC., which has signed a multi-year contract with TableTop Media, has completed the first phase of deployment of Ziosk touchscreen devices to its 30 Chili’s locations in St. Louis, Chicago and Central Illinois.
TableTop Media is the creator of the Ziosk, a digital promotion and pay-at-the-table device for the casual dining restaurant market. A Ziosk resides on each table and enables guests to see promotions, play games, watch movie trailers, sign up for e-clubs, order desserts, take surveys and pay on demand when they are ready to depart.
The deployment follows a 90-day test in four Chicago locations of ERJ Dining, LLC., the largest Chili’s franchisee with 122 restaurants in the Midwest. By leveraging these devices, ERJ has shaved an average of three minutes off of the time it takes to turn a table. The company also reports higher per-person check averages and a significant boost in its loyalty club enrollment.
“Having the Ziosk on our tables has been a win for the guests and a win for us. Guests love to be able to pay their checks when they are ready and have entertainment on the table during their visit. And beyond the improvement in guest satisfaction, we’ve been able to see benefits of increased sales of promoted items while reducing costs associated with labor and operations,” says Mike Bova, executive vice president of operations, ERJ Dining, LLC.
ERJ is continuing with the second phase of deployment in August with plans to have the Ziosk in all 122 locations by the end of the third quarter of 2011.

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